Area bail bonding agencies donate $1,000 to Memphis Union Mission

Ernie Arredondo and D. Scott Bjork.jpg

A Memphis bonding company and statewide association have partnered to donate $1,000 to the city’s oldest and largest rescue mission. Today, Liberty Bail Bonds and Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents (TAPBA) presented the joint donation to Memphis Union Mission, an organization that “ministers to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of men, women and families who are homeless, addicted and in crisis.”

“During the holiday season, it becomes even more important to us to meet the needs of those in our community who are less fortunate,” said Ernie Arredondo, president of Liberty Bail Bonds. “In Memphis alone, there are 2,000 people living without basic necessities or shelter. It is our privilege to support the programs that save and change lives throughout the Memphis area.”

The donation was presented to D. Scott Bjork of the Memphis Union Mission earlier today.

 “Everything we do is to help transform the lives of those who have struggled with addiction, poverty and homelessness,” said Bjork, president and CEO of Memphis Union Mission. “Our organization runs entirely on donations. Without support from the community, we would not be able to carry out our mission any longer. This generous donation from Liberty Bail Bonds and TAPBA will house, feed and serve so many deserving individuals at a time they need it most.” 

 Memphis Union Mission operates six ministry facilities throughout the area. Every day of the year, the Mission provides breakfast, lunch and dinner for men, women and children. The organization also provides safe, clean shelter for overnight guests. During winter months, the Mission sets up hundreds of additional beds to keep homeless community members warm. 

 In addition to meeting basic needs of the community with food and shelter, the Mission also offers opportunities to escape the cycle of homelessness for good through recovery and transitional services.

 “It’s an honor to support Memphis Union Mission and give hope to the homeless, sick and weary,” said J.R. Henderson, president of TAPBA. “Our association is committed to investing in our community and supporting valuable organizations that make a distinct difference in the lives of others. I call on other bonding agents and local business owners to give back to his or her community. If we all contribute to worthwhile organizations, such as the Mission, we are making an impact that will last far beyond the holiday season.”