Working together has its benefits.


TAPBA strives to protect and serve the best interest of bail agents operating in Tennessee. We are committed to promote professionalism, ethical behavior and education and to enhance the public perception of the bail industry in Tennessee. 

Professional bonding agents work within our justice system to bring benefit to local governments and communities by reducing the high costs of incarceration and assist law enforcement to ensure that victims have their day in court.




bail agent concerns

Through our lobbying team, TAPBA presents the collective concerns of bail bond agents in a single voice to the Tennessee state legislature. Although it may be easy for our elected officials to disregard the needs and concerns of one individual, it becomes very difficult and foolhardy for them to disregard the needs and concerns of a large organization representing the collective conscious of an entire business industry.

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meetings and events

Please get involved by attending our meetings. You will learn something and have a good time. You will have an opportunity to get to know agents from all parts of Tennessee. Give us the benefit of your knowledge and experience. Feel free to contact any TAPBA Officer or Director or our education coordinator with suggestions, requests or concerns. TAPBA is a presence in the twenty-first century in Tennessee, and we want you to be a part of us!




TAPBA has a full-time office in Nashville, Tennessee, which provides continuing education to state bail agents and bail enforcement agents, providing four (4) seminars annually. TAPBA’s Board of Directors is dedicated to moving our organization in a positive direction – and especially dedicated to promoting the interests of all bail agents in Tennessee. This voluntary Board of Directors depend on your ideas, your input, your participation, and your membership to continue the fight against threats to the bail industry.

Political Action Committee

opening doors

TAPBA’s political action committee, Volunteer PAC, supports the campaigns of candidates who are aware of the valuable function the bail bond industry serves in the state’s justice system. Volunteer PAC contributions open doors of opportunity to educate legislators and their staffs about the issues and challenges you face in your business, including the threat of pretrial release. Additionally, our legal staff has worked with members in successfully filing suit to uphold the rights of the private bail agent in Tennessee.